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Georgia summers can be extremely hot with high humidity and when your HVAC fails to operate like it should or stops working altogether, your home may feel like a furnace. Not only that, during the winter it may feel downright freezing. For nearly 40 years, Poe’s Heating and Air have been keeping Flowery Branch and the surrounding area comfortable providing professional heating and air conditioning repairs and installation.

Our team of HVAC experts makes it our goal to keep you comfortable in your home. We offer 24/7 service, so you don’t have to endure uncomfortable temperatures when your HVAC isn’t functioning properly or breaks down. If you are having issues with your air conditioner or heating system, call the professionals at Poe’s Heating and Air, and we will get your system back up and running quickly!


Air Conditioning Services

Poe’s Heating and Air understands the importance of dependable air conditioning for you to stay cool and comfortable during the hot days of summer. When you need air conditioning services that are reliable, experienced, and affordable, our team can give you all that and much more.

Heating Services

In the great state of Georgia, we typically turn on our heater just a few months out of the year because of our mild winters. This can cause your furnace to become in disrepair if it’s not maintained during the time you aren’t using it. Regular maintenance is important to keep your system working properly and long-term.

We are insured and fully licensed and provide excellent customer service and we will answer all your questions about heating in Flowery Branch.


Warning Signs That Your HVAC in Has a Problem

To make sure your HVAC works properly all year round, you should do preventive maintenance every fall and spring. More importantly, you should reach out to a specialist whenever you notice signs of a problem with your unit. Here are some warnings you should look out for to prevent problems with your HVAC from getting worse.

Your HVAC Is Making Odd Sounds

Although low-level noises are normal to hear from your HVAC unit, loud and unusual sounds can be an indication of a problem. You shouldn’t hear grinding, grating, or squealing noises from your unit. This could be an issue with the belt, a loose part, or something more serious. Call a technician that can inspect your equipment at once.

Your HVAC Unit Emits Strange Smells

If you notice a strange smell coming from your HVAC, you should be concerned. A rotten egg smell or a burning scent that lingers could mean that your unit has a gas leak or is overheating. This can be a safety hazard if left unattended.

A musty smell could also be caused by mold build-up that clogs the ducts. When this happens, moisture will collect in your space, which will result in mold and mildew growth.

Your HVAC Is Not Removing Humidity From Your Home

HVAC units also help remove humidity from the air. We all hate the sticky and stuffy sensation that we feel inside our homes. AC units prevent this by collecting the humid air and expelling it as water. A high humidity level indoors means that your unit is not working well.

You Notice Reduced Air Flow

Do you feel like your home is not getting enough cold or warm airflow? If that’s the case, your equipment must have a dirty or clogged air filter. This problem could also be caused by unsealed ducts or compressor failure. Have a technician inspect your unit to find out the exact problem.

Power Cycling on and off

It’s normal for your HVAC unit to cycle a few times in one day. However, when you notice that it turns on and off frequently and randomly within a short amount of time, you might need to call an expert for help. This could mean that your unit isn’t getting enough power supply to keep your equipment working properly.

Water or Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in HVAC units is responsible for cooling your home. Although this might produce condensation, the moisture shouldn’t accumulate or leak into your property. Once you notice pooled water around your equipment, it’s best for you to hire a contractor that will check and fix it. Stalling might lead to structural issues due to moisture-induced mold or mildew growth.

Hire Experts on HVAC in Flowery Branch

If you’re looking for reliable contractors that can service your HVAC in Flowery Branch, we have you covered at Poe’s Heating & Air. We have been working to keep our customers comfortable in every season since 1983. When you enlist our help, you can look forward to exceptional results. Call us today.

Residential HVAC

Poe’s Heating and Air provides superior residential heating, cooling, and air quality services. We’re a locally owned and operated business that takes pride in serving Flowery Branch and the greater Atlanta metro area. We are familiar with the needs of homeowners, and we offer our services that are affordable.

The expert team at Poe’s Heating and Air install, replace, maintain, and repair HVAC systems. Our highly skilled technicians stay up to date with the ever-changing HVAC industry. When you need exceptional, reliable service, look to Poe’s to take care of all your residential HVAC needs.



Commercial HVAC

Our team has the experience and knowledge to keep your commercial space comfortably heated and cooled all year round. It is important to you, as a business owner to have the best HVAC services available to keep up with your daily operations and have your HVAC equipment stay running smoothly. With the extreme heat, high humidity, and low air quality in Georgia, our team can put the right systems in place to deal with all these elements without wasting power or energy.

Poe’s Heating and Air has been taking the lead in the HVAC industry for nearly 40 years. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, and we take what we do very seriously. Our team of professionals keep up with the latest in HVAC technology through ongoing training. If you need dependable commercial HVAC services in Flowery Branch and the surrounding area, contact us to schedule an appointment. We will make you comfortable! It’s our job!


Emergency HVAC Services

When your heating or cooling system fails or isn’t functioning properly during the time you need it the most, you can count on the dependable, quality service of Poe’s Heating and Air. We know that when your heating and cooling system stops working, it never comes at a convenient time. That’s why we offer emergency HVAC repair service 24/7. !


About Flowery Branch

The proud home of the Atlanta Falcons, Flowery Branch has small-town appeal with large-town amenities. Travelers often can be seen taking photographs of the quaint downtown historic buildings, some of which date back to the late 1800s. Nearby Lake Lanier offers swimming, boating, camping, and beautiful scenery.

The Farmers Market is a big part of the City of Flowery Branch’s major downtown revitalization and redevelopment project. Stroll the market along this charming alley with seating for enjoying meals alfresco and twinkling lights.

The Hideaway Bay Marina is located on the southeast side of Lake Lanier. Amenities include covered and uncovered wet and dry boat storage, gas dock, boat sales, and repairs and the Fishtales Lakeside Grill Restaurant is certainly a must!


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