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We provide cost-effective AC repairs to keep you cool through the summer.

Affordable AC Repair in Flowery Branch, Georgia

It’s a fact, the summer months in Georgia are unmistakably hot. You don’t want to be stuck in the sweltering heat or even in the cold winter months if your HVAC unit is not working properly. Poe’s Heating and Air are the professionals to call when this occurs. We are on call 24/7 so you won’t have to be miserable needlessly when your HVAC isn’t functioning as it should. We have the skill and experience to repair your system and get it up and running at an affordable price!

What are the Warning Signs when your HVAC Unit Needs Repair?

There are several warning signs like sounds, smells, or noises if something is not functioning properly with your HVAC unit. See below a few things to look for that could be a sign you need to contact a professional HVAC company:

Excess Moisture

If you have pooling water and your HVAC unit has a large amount of moisture on the pipes, top, sides, this may mean that your evaporator coil, compressor, or condenser could be the issue. Quite possibly you will need to get your unit inspected to establish the main cause and what it will take to repair.

Odd Smells

If you have odd smells coming from your AC unit or vents, it can be a warning sign that there is a problem. Mold, mildew, or electrical burning could be smells that would be a safety risk that could cause a fire or you or your loved ones to inhale harmful pollutants. Be sure to call a professional immediately to avoid any harm or fire hazard.

Poor Air Flow

If you have stagnant airflow and it doesn’t seem to be moving as it should be, this can be caused by clogged filters, broken compressors, or issues with the evaporator coil.

Unusual Sounds

When you hear peculiar sounds coming from your AC unit, like clicking, buzzing, knocking, or other strange noises, it could be caused by several things and needs a professional to make a diagnosis.

Uncontrolled Air Flow Temperature

When your HVAC unit is running, but the air coming from the vents are neither feels hot or cold, the issue could be a broken evaporator coil, full filters, or broken wires, etc. We can diagnose the problem quickly and get your home back to its normal temperature.

Common Problems with HVAC Units

HVAC units have numerous, complex moving parts and are complicated that permit your home to stay at a cozy temperature throughout the year. Unfortunately, all units will sooner or later need repairs and maintenance. During the lifespan of your unit, some common problems are usually clogged filters, evaporator coil failure, short cycling, water leaks, etc.

See below for more information on these common issues:

Water Leaks

Is there water leaking or pooling around your AC unit? This can be caused by several things which can cause harm to your home or business. It is a good idea for you to call a professional quickly when this occurs.

The Unit Won’t Start

When your HVAC unit does not start, it could be because of a faulty thermostat, clogged air filter, stuck fan relay, etc. Determining the exact cause entails further inspection by a professional. You will never have to suffer through the night without AC or heat, as we are on call 24/7.

Fan Problems

The most common problem that HVAC systems have is faulty fans. The cause may be a broken belt, frozen coils, bad capacitor, etc. leaving you without AC or heat. We can examine your HVAC unit, determine the problem, and repair it in a timely manner.

Short Cycling

When your HVAC system turns on and off repeatedly is called Short Cycling. It can cause unnecessary strain on your system and lessen the life of your HVAC unit over time. This cause can be hard to determine, but some of the more common issues are low refrigerant, dirty air filters, overheating, etc.

HVAC Unit Repair Company in Flowery Branch, Georgia

When your HVAC unit stops running or breaks down, it can cause your home’s temperature to be miserable, during the heat of the summer and cold winter months. Choose Poe’s Heating and Air when you’re searching for HVAC Repair. You’ll be glad you did!

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