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When we design your system, everything adds up the way it should.

Most people don’t take the time to consider what goes into building their heating and air system, but the reality is that your HVAC system is the product of mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and sound knowledge of heat transfer. Pretty heady stuff indeed.

The reality is that most systems aren’t built for efficiency. Many commercial HVAC systems aren’t even sized properly. For a system to properly heat, cool, and ventilate your business, you need expert HVAC design.

Essentials Of Good HVAC Design

At Poe’s Heating & Air, we understand the mechanics behind professional HVAC design. Some of the factors we take into account when designing an HVAC system for your business includes:


  • Proper sizing – The truth is that many commercial HVAC systems are oversized which means they don’t dehumidify your air as well. They can also break down much sooner than necessary. Our designers look at the square footage of your business and consider the amount of air that needs to be moved through your space in order to determine the proper size of the HVAC unit (s).
  • Air Distribution – Cooling the air in your company requires proper ventilation. This is an area that is largely overlooked by many commercial HVAC companies when building a system.
  • Energy efficiency – these days, every business is looking for ways to lower or maintain their expenses. Your energy bill is no different. We are able to provide energy efficiency with the equipment we use, proper HVAC zoning, air loss statistics, and other factors to consider.

Why Let Poe’s Heating & Air Design Your HVAC System?

For three generations now, our family has been designing commercial HVAC systems for businesses all around the Atlanta area. In all that time, we’ve built a reputation in the heating and air industry to the point of other HVAC contractors turning to us to design the systems that they install.

Don’t you want your heating and air system designed and developed by the company the experts turn to?

Our HVAC Design Process

When it comes to building your HVAC system, we follow the well-established protocols developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors Of America (ACCA). They have developed specific manuals that serve as guidelines to follow.

The first thing that needs to happen when designing an HVAC system is to figure out exactly how much heating and cooling your business needs. We have a comprehensive understanding of the proper protocols necessary to configure your air movement and ventilation

Next, we need to determine the best equipment to use for your system. Naturally, this not only depends upon how much space we need to heat and cool but also budgetary restrictions. There are specific manuals that the ACCA has written to help determine this as well

Once we have the first two factors, we can then look at the air distribution system. This involves looking at ductwork, HVAC zones, dampers, and proper ventilation. Naturally, we will establish the proper HVAC load calculations necessary to move the required air through your space. For example, you wouldn’t need a 3 ton system to move 2 tons of air (which sounds like a lot, but this is an equation we see more often in residential heating and air systems rather than commercial HVAC).

Let our experience, expertise, and training work for your business. Contact us today and let’s get to work designing and installing the HVAC system that’s right for your space.


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