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What Is A Heat Pump?

If you’ve found yourself here because you’re not sure what a heat pump is, we’ll break it down quickly for you. Installed outside of your home, a heat pump is a working part of an HVAC system that provides cold and warm air to your home.

When it’s cold outside, the heat pump will pull heat from the cold air outdoors and pump it inside, while during the summer months, a heat pump will take the heat out of the air inside to lower the temperature in your home. Electricity powers heat pumps, so they don’t burn fossil fuels like your typical furnace.

Many people who use a heat pump find that they no longer need a furnace, thereby eliminating the need for a furnace replacement or furnace repair. In short, heat pumps are an excellent home heating and cooling option for environmental and convenience reasons.

How Do You Know If Your Heat Pump Is Going Bad?

Heat pumps have a dual capability to heat and cool, which means they are working harder than any other equipment piece in your home. Like any other heating and air system, they will require HVAC maintenance to stay in fantastic working condition. Here are some signs that point to a failing heat pump:

High Energy Bills

Heat pumps use a lot of electricity, but if your usage has remained steady and your energy bill has skyrocketed, you should make sure your heat pump is working correctly.

Inadequate Airflow

While low airflow can signify clogged ducts, if everything looks good there, have a licensed HVAC technician check your heat pump.

Uncharacteristic Noises

Heat pumps tend to be a bit on the loud side, but when the gentle hum is replaced by rattling or screeching, it’s time to have your heat pump inspected.

No Warm Air

If you’re running your heat pump and your house is still cold, then you’ve got a problem. It’s time to call a company that can estimate heat pump and furnace replacement costs.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Heat Pumps

Anything with working parts can break, primarily when used as often as we utilize heat pumps. Heat pumps have issues that pop up now and then, including:

Electrical Failure

Heat pumps run on electricity to power the compressor and motor, so electrical failure is a somewhat common concern.


Since heat pumps sit outdoors, icing over can be unavoidable. Make sure your unit runs a defrost cycle, and if too much ice accumulates, call a technician right away.

Refrigerant Leaks

Hissing sounds and a decrease in unit power all point to a possible refrigerant leak.

Reversing Valve

Since the reversing valve allows you to switch between heating and cooling, you want it up and running. Sometimes it gets stuck, but a professional can fix or replace it.

Heat Pump Repair Costs

The cost to repair a heat pump can vary greatly from business to business. While the national average is $370, you’ll never really know until you start calling around.

It depends on the nature of the repair and the urgency of the call. Most companies will provide you with a service quote, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with cost-wise.

Choosing Poe’s Heating & Air

When you choose Poe’s Heating & Air, you’re choosing a family-owned company that has been in the business of HVAC systems for three generations. We genuinely believe that the customer comes first, and we guarantee quality service from your first phone call to your home visit and through the follow-up.

Our experience is unparalleled, and our prices competitive. We know the ins and outs of heat pump repair and can help our clients with any situation that pops up. When you work with Poe’s, you’ll have the peace of mind that your heat pump is in working order as we head into the change of seasons.

Call us today to speak with our knowledgeable customer service team, and request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!


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