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Why is my AC unit frozen? Low freon and refrigerant levels paired with wear and tear cause AC units to freeze up. Have a professional come out like one from Poe’s HVAC if this occurs

How often should I have my unit checked? Scheduled checkups are recommended by HVAC professionals to be done annually.


Why are my ducts making odd sounds when the furnace is powered on? This normally indicated that your ducts are too small and should be inspected by a professional.


What’s a zoning system? Zoning Systems separate your system’s ductwork so that different areas of the home may have targeted temperature control.

How can I control indoor air quality? Air filters and regular cleaning can improve indoor air quality. It is known that indoor air quality is actually worse than outdoors. Also that poor air quality leads too many illnesses. 


How do I find out if my unit is warrantied? If the label of your equipment indicated that it’s newer than 5 years old, it is likely to be covered. Confirm with the manufacturers.


What’s the best way to elongate my unit’s life? Changing air filters, regular checkups, and reducing overall usage are all ways to elongate your unit’s life.

Does adjusting the thermostat save money on energy bills? Yes, turning the system off and reducing its usage has been shown to reduce costs. There are programmable systems that automatically do this for you which are a considerable investment. 

    How often should I replace air filters in my unit? Air filter gauges are the best way to tell when to replace filters and monthly replacements are recommended during the summer and winter months.

    How can I maintain my system? In order to maintain your system, clean outside coils and replace filters on a regular basis.


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