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Don’t Get Left in the Cold

When your heater is not working properly, it can become a safety issue. Sleeping through the cold nights isn’t an option if you have small children, but not to worry, paying a huge bill doesn’t have to be the only way, either.

Call Poe’s Heating and Air – our experienced HVAC experts are pros at getting heat systems of all kinds to function properly.

We know that when the heat goes out, you need to get it back on quickly and without the runaround. That’s why you should trust our family-owned and operated business.

With generations of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers all over Georgia, you can rest assured that your heating is in good hands.

Give us a call today, and schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

Heating Repair Services 

We’d love it if we could honestly tell you that every technician from every other HVAC and heating repair company was totally trustworthy. Unfortunately, however, there are those who take shortcuts and in doing so have been willing to cross the line.

Unfortunately, some companies have become known for trying to jack up the price. They do so by convincing homeowners that they need to replace components or entire systems that aren’t necessary.

Our family-run business is dedicated to providing the best service possible for your needs.

When the heating stops working – you probably haven’t planned on replacing the whole system or expensive components such as the furnace. Take our family’s word, we will never push a more expensive fix than is absolutely necessary.

We just get your heat working, as affordably as possible. If you want to upgrade, we can do that too, but it’s your call. We don’t mislead our customers, ever, period.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to find out what we mean by great, affordable heating repair services.

Furnace Repair Services

Our business has run on referrals since 1983. You don’t get to stay in business for 40 years in this state unless you’re doing something right. Our technicians undergo constant and rigorous training to stay on top of the technology, trends, and techniques that keep them at the top of their field.

These technicians are expert tradesmen who understand the importance of being professional, punctual, and prepared.

We will show up on time, assess your needs efficiently, and communicate all of the possible paths forward. It is your heating, your home and you are in control.

Give us a call today, and see what trustworthy, reliable, and affordable heating repair services for your home or business look like.

Residential Heating Repair

When the heat doesn’t work properly it can be tempting to put off dealing with the problem.

People have a tendency to try and make due – especially when money is tight. The issues that arise with this approach are subtle but can impact your life in a number of negative ways.

When the heat stops working properly and you try to sleep through the cold nights you become more susceptible to getting sick. It is difficult to sleep through the cold nights so you miss out on deep REM sleep.

This can adversely affect your health – both physically and mentally. Further, when you are cold and stiff, you are more likely to injure yourself in an accident that you would otherwise walk away from unhurt.

Getting your residential heating system working properly isn’t just a matter of comfort – it is for your health and safety and that of your family.

Taking care of your home heating doesn’t have to break the bank – call Poe’s Heating and Air. We keep our costs low and pass on the savings to you.

Commercial Heating Repair

The importance of a properly functioning heating system isn’t limited to the home.

When your commercial heating system goes down, your staff and customers are adversely affected. It doesn’t look great when you have to put a sign up on the thermostat explaining not to use it because it doesn’t work.

These kinds of issues can become a real sticking point for employees and customers alike, but don’t worry. Our professional heating repair technicians specialize in providing a low-impact service and getting your commercial heating repair completed for less.

Our clean-cut, friendly HVAC professionals have been trained by 3 generations of tradesmen. We understand the importance of getting the job done efficiently, effectively, and with as little disruption to your place of business as possible.

Call Poe’s Heating and Air today and schedule an appointment with one of our talented technicians for your commercial heating repair needs.

Emergency 24/7 Heating Repair


Has your heating stopped working and caused an emergency? If you are in need of emergency heating repair services in Hoschton, then call Poe’s Heating and Air immediately.

We will have one of our pros on the road to help you as soon as possible. Our 24/7 emergency heat repair services ensure that we are able to help our customers no matter what time of day or night they need.

Call Poe’s Heating and Air now and put your heating repair emergency in hands you can trust


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