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Are you looking for a heating repair service you can trust in Dacula, Georgia? Call Poe’s Heating and Air because we’re the top locally-owned and operated repair company in the area!

Searching for Reliable Heating Repair in Duluth?

We offer commercial and residential heating repair services first and foremost because we care about your comfort. We know first-hand how the quickly falling temps in Braselton can be unforgiving if you don’t have a furnace that’s working well.

It can get downright dangerous in a worst-case scenario, so let us inspect and service your furnace before it’s too late for an easy, quick fix.

At a minimum, we’ll check for maintenance issues like:

  • Clogged air vents
  • Torn or loose ductwork
  • Malfunctioning HVAC components

If we find a problem, we’ll tell you what you can do about it, and we’ll give you an estimate if you trust us to keep your HVAC running at max efficiency.

Often, the issue isn’t so hard to fix, but you have to know what you’re dealing with in the first place. You may accidentally do more harm than good if you’re unfamiliar with how an HVAC system works – and how to test whether or not it’s working the right way.

Benefits Of Maintaining a Residential Heating System

Among many others, the main benefits of a well-maintained HVAC include things like:

  • Lower electricity bills due to higher energy efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs over the life of your HVAC unit
  • Fewer allergens and pollutants circulating in the air
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’ll be comfortable

There are other positives to keeping up with residential HVAC maintenance, so contact us anytime if you’re curious about what else we can do for you.

Common Problems with HVAC and Heating Units 

Some common problems with HVACs include:

  • Broken machinery
  • Uneven temperatures in the home
  • The system stops blowing warm air
  • The system stops blowing air at all

If any of these issues keep coming up, let’s talk about how to fix them.

You might not know that some of the more annoying maintenance problems are very preventable, such as when you constantly turn the thermostat up and down to try to fight the elements.

Not only that, but we can also perform furnace repair even though you may not use it as often. In Dacula, we don’t need to turn up the heat too often, but you need to make sure your system can stand up to the cold when we do.

Need commercial HVAC repairs too? No problem!

Our technicians also have the expertise and experience to work on commercial HVAC repairs too.

Don’t try to repair a massive HVAC system on your own without asking the pros first. Not only can you cause more damage than good, but you can also waste a lot of time if you can’t diagnose the problem right away.

That’s why many of our clients trust us to help them stay on top of maintenance, and if something goes wrong, we’re ready to send in the team to get the job done and do it at a great price point.


Contact Poe’s Heating and Air today for more information!

Poe’s Heating and Air is your family-owned and operated local HVAC company. We’re here to provide affordable, professional heating and air services to our neighbors and local businesses who don’t want to pay the big franchises for the same service.

Whether you need routine maintenance, HVAC repairs, or system replacement, we make your comfort our top priority.


Routine HVAC Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the key to a longer life for your equipment. Let our team of certified technicians take care of your commercial or residential system, so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected.

Routine maintenance services include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • System tuneups
  • Cleaning

Emergency furnace repair is when you need it most


Don’t wait to have a pro look over your HVAC unit, especially the exterior unit’s components. But if you happen to need emergency HVAC service, our team is ready to help you out in your time of need.

Sometimes, there’s no way to tell whether or not an HVAC unit is about to break down; sometimes, it’s an easy fix.

So, if you need repairs and need them as soon as possible, we can help because we genuinely care about your comfort.


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