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Sitting around sweating in your own home just won’t work for anybody. Call Poe’s Heating And Air for affordable, reliable air conditioner repair services.

Air Conditioner Repair You Can Trust!

When it’s just as hot inside as it is outside, nobody’s happy. Since 1983, the HVAC contractors at Poe’s Heating And Air have been keeping people comfortable during the hot Georgia summers and beyond.

We’re a family-owned and operated HVAC company. Since we’re not a franchise HVAC service, we don’t have all the same overhead as the big boys. That means we can give you the same professional services at more affordable rates. Why pay more for the same heating and air service?

Call us and let’s get you comfy again.


Reliable Air Conditioner Repair

If you pull out your phone and Google “AC Repair Near Me”, you never know who you’re going to get. At Poe’s Heating and Air, we are a family-run business and we think of our customers in the same light – as families.

How do you want your family treated? Respectfully, of course! We shoot straight with everyone and help them make informed decisions rather than try to sell. If we can help you save the air conditioning system components- we will. We do all we can to extend the life of your system.

Our technicians are some of the best in Georgia, if not the country, and a big part of that is integrity.

Our model is based on helping our clients save money so that they want to refer us to others. It is a system of honor, and we have done very well by it for decades.

We simply make it a priority to keep the overhead costs down so that we don’t need to charge customers an arm or a leg – or upsell them on replacing systems. It’s simple, and it works.

If your home’s heat system is having issues, call Poe’s Heating and Air today and we will make sure that you will be glad you did.

Fixing Your Air Conditioner

If you find yourself trying to figure out why the air conditioner stopped working, you should give us a call. It can be tempting to try and DIY, but when it comes to your ac system, you should leave it to our expert technicians at Poe’s Heating and Air. Generally speaking, a modern-day, well-maintained HVAC system is very safe to use. That isn’t always the case when it isn’t working properly, however. The major issue here is that when HVAC systems aren’t functioning correctly, there is a risk of fire.

It takes years to learn the ins and outs and quirks of the different makes and models of the equipment that form your heating system. A quick Google search isn’t going to substitute, and starting a fire or worse isn’t going to save you any money. A trustworthy and reliable technician from Poe’s Heating and Air is going to ensure that your air conditioner is repaired safely, works properly, and saves your money in the long run. Our techs are seasoned professionals who have seen it all – your home HVAC system is in capable hands.

They are well versed in all of the components that make up your residential heating system such as:

  • AC repair and replacement
  • Thermostat troubleshooting, repair, and replacement
  • Blower issues
  • Filter rack assessment and change
  • Much more

As you can see there is a lot to even a basic heating system. Our skilled and friendly technicians know how to quickly assess and mend any issues that you are experiencing with your home’s air conditioning. Trust in our years of experience, call Poe’s Heating and Air today to set up an appointment.

Commercial Air Conditioner Repair in Dacula

If you are running a business in Dacula that is experiencing any problems with your air conditioner and are looking for an affordable and efficient HVAC professional: Call Poe’s Heating and Air. We don’t just repair commercial HVAC systems – we design and build them!

If your store, office, or restaurant is uncomfortably hot in the spring or summer, it is going to affect your business. Whether it’s staff sweating and struggling to maintain productivity or customers forgoing your business for more comfortable establishments elsewhere; It needs to be fixed.

Our air conditioning and HVAC experts will help your business get warmed back up to a normal temperature. Our philosophy for commercial heating repair remains the same as for residential;

Providing high-quality, affordable ac repair services.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Dacula

When the heat goes out after hours, you need help you can trust right away. We maintain our commitment to providing an affordable heating repair service that you can trust in Dacula with 24/7 emergency services.

Our technicians will be at your home or business as soon as possible and help you get life back to normal, comfortably, and affordably.

Don’t hesitate to call Poe’s Heating and Air for the best heating repair service in Dacula.


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