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Maintenance and Repair Service For Your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance & Repair Helps Prolong The Life Of Your HVAC System

All we want in the cold winter months is to remain at home, especially in the evening, and stay warm and cozy. However, if the weather becomes freezing and your heating system stops working, it certainly adds to the challenge of keeping warm. Maintaining your furnace will make your winters stress-free and also extend the life of your furnace.

Here are a few easy tips that can improve the efficiency and life of your heating system.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

We can overuse our furnace with our desire to stay warm all the time in winter. However, an overused furnace can lead to its death. Installing a programmable thermostat can save the furnace from dying too soon. This allows you to control the use of your heating system by adjusting the temperature. It turns the heat down when you aren’t home.

Replacing the Filter

An air filter’s job is to clean the air that we breathe. However, if you neglect to change out your air filter, it gets dirty and requires the furnace to work extra hard and raises the temperature. This puts strain on the life of your furnace. It’s quite the opposite if you regularly check and replace the air filter and extends the life of your furnace.

Prevent Air Leaks

When the ventilators, doors, and windows are not sealed or closed properly, the warm air that the furnace produces leaks. When the air continues to leak, the furnace has to work extra hard, which reduces its life much sooner than expected.

Routine Maintenance

It’s important that you regularly maintain your furnace to avoid extra cost on repairs and especially, to avoid purchasing a new furnace every winter. Checking for issues and rectifying it will extend the life of your furnace and help you stay warm during the winter.

Additionally, there are several other useful tips that can extend the life of your furnace, the team at Poe’s Heating and Air will help answer all your questions.

What Are the Signs When Your Furnace Needs Repair?

This is a question many people ask when it comes to their heating system. There are many things to consider if your furnace needs repaired or replaced. One of the important things is the lifespan of your system. If your heating equipment is old and has had many repairs, then replacing it would be the best solution. Alternatively, if your system is relatively new, then a small repair may solve the issue.

Here are signs that indicate that your heating system needs repair.

Lukewarm or Cool Air Coming From Heater Vents

If you notice that cool or lukewarm air is coming from the vents when the heater is on, there is something probably wrong. The issue could be because of a thermostat malfunction, or other issues such as a combustion issue, loss of pressure, or leaky ductwork, causing the air to be cool or lukewarm.

Raised Energy Bills

When it comes to energy bills, most people don’t associate the relationship between the cost of their bill and heater repairs. If there’s no increase in usage, a raised energy bill indicates that your furnace needs repair. If the weather this winter was not colder than the previous one or no additional reason for heater consumption, it’s apparent that your heating system is not working efficiently, and needs to be repaired or possibly replaced.

Burning Smell

When you turn on your furnace for the first time after that first cold snap hits, it is normal to smell burning odors. But if you continue to smell them, something else could be wrong. The issue could be electrical, or a part could be overheating, or could be another problem with your furnace.

If your heating equipment needs repair, call Poe’s Heating and Air and get immediate help from our team of professionals.

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