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Selecting A Replacement Thermostat Made Simple

Selecting a new thermostat shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ve created a wonderful blueprint to help you select a new thermostat for your home. We believe that comfort and functionality should be at the top of the list when selecting a new thermostat!

This blueprint includes 3 simple steps to ensure user-friendliness throughout the entire thermostat-selecting process. These include:

1. Type of thermostat

2. Compatibility with your HVAC system

3. Selecting an expert to install it for you

We’ll dive deeper and give you an insight on these steps to ensure replacing your thermostat will be a stress-free process and that you will find the best option for you and your family!

Selecting The Type Of Thermostat Best For Your Home

If you’re thinking to yourself right now “How many different types of thermostats are there?” Don’t worry, we’ll cover the 3 main types here. Depending on your specific needs, there are different types of thermostats you will want to consider. Precision, savings, etcetera are all factors you will want to consider.

  1. Manual Thermostats 

These are the default thermostat types. You switch them on and off and adjust the temperature to your likings. There are two main types of manual thermostats, digital and analog. One is controlled with buttons and one turns on a dial. The downside to the manual is the precision is the least great of all thermostat types and they lack programmability.

  1. Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are designed to save you money by reducing excessive usage. While at work or away from home, programmable thermostats dial back. While you can manually switch the thermostat on and off with the previous type, you will always return home to uncomfortable temperatures. This type tells your HVAC system to do it automatically. Whenever you depart from your home, you set your thermostat to dial back while you’re gone, and you also program it to return to normal temperatures for when you return.

3. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the superior option because you’re able to control your thermostat remotely, through any smart device. These systems are the priciest but save money on utilities while providing maximum comfort. Some features include touch display, dirty filter alerts, smart programming, etc. This gives you extreme customizability.

Checking Compatibility With Your Current HVAC System

Your system’s voltage, number of heating and cooling stages, and location on the wall all factor into the specific model you will need to look into. Making sure that your system is compatible with your new thermostat will save you time, money, and stress in the near future. You will be comfortable knowing that there won’t be any compatibility issues.

Check The Voltage Of Your System:

Your HVAC system is either low millivolt or high voltage. Low voltage systems are the most common and most thermostats are compatible with them. How to confirm your thermostat works with a low voltage system: Check specks on the manufacturing label and look for low voltage. If you have wall and floor heaters, you either have a millivolt or high voltage system and you’ll need to reach out to a professional to find out which thermostat will work best for you.

Making Sure The Thermostat Fits The Wall

Make sure that the thermostat will fit in the previous location and if your house’s zoned that you purchase multiple thermostats. If you aren’t comfortable doing these steps alone, we recommend contacting a professional. This will ensure accuracy in checking that your selected location will fit your new thermostat.

Have A Professional Inspect How Many Heating And Cooling Stages Your System Has

How many speeds your system can run determines the stages. Your system falls into one of these categories, 1-stage, full speed or off, 2-stage, low or high stage, and Variable speed can adjust depending on what’s needed at that specific time. Confirm your thermostat is compatible with whichever amount of stages your system has. Have a professional do this step for you to ensure accuracy.

Have An Expert Install It For You 

A failed DIY can result in costly repairs and a complete malfunction of your system. It can also be beneficial to have someone come out for any other questions about maintenance and current issues you may have with your system. Save yourself the time and humiliation of a self-inflicted system malfunction and call an expert! 


Need thermostat advisory or an installation?

Just shoot us a call and we’ll send one of our trusted professionals right to you! We ensure that you will be comfortable knowing that you are fully covered and that your new thermostat will be the best option and be an amazing fit for your home.

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